Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Grown up times and happiieeeee sale time!!

Hellooooooo :-)

I have had quite a grown up day today as myself and hubby treats to be had a child free afternoon today.
We went to the cinema and watched Jack the Giant Slayer in 3D and whoa was it good and then we went and ate loads of Mexican food at Chiquitos, om nom nom :-)
I am going to admit that I was looking at Ewan McGreggor in it thinking 'is it you, no it's not, is it, mmmmm noo, hang on I think actually it is' and it took me quite a while to figure it out, well they were climbing up the beanstalk by the time I figured it out doh me!
Oh and Mexican food is my all time ohhhhhh mmmmmmm food so going to Chiquitos with no children saying 'Mum I need a wee, oh I spilled my drink, mum when will the food be here' and various other children noises was utter bliss.
We came home and still had about an hour and a half with no children before they were delivered back to us all safe and very full of beans from being out all day but took all of 3 seconds to go to sleep as they were that tired!!

So in honour of my super dooper happy mood I have today offered all jewellery with £2 off and my fabric flowers are buy one get one half price, which means you get two flowers for £3.50!!!
All fabric flowers can be made in what ever colours you want and amounts that you want too :-)
I shall be extending the sale till Sunday night 8PM on 7th April whooo :-)

Here are some new pieces of jewellery I have made this week and are included in my super happiiieeeee sale!

This is a delicious red and white necklace with a handmade ceramic red heart with an unusual wire twist focal. The beads go right up to an easy to fasten lobster clasp and is now just down to £8 in my super happiiieeeee sale!

This is a floating necklace with a delightful glass heart pendant wire wrapped with co-ordinating blue and white beads, tigers eye reflective beads and some teeny bicone shaped Tibetan silver beads and yup you guessed it now down to £8 too in my happpiiieeee sale :-)

This is a total favourite of mine, this is a bracelet made using a Bo Hulley Beads blue connector bar and I have made it into a double strand bracelet with deliciously shiny beads and some more of the reflective cats eye beads. They catch the light and move along the bead when you move it, they are so mesmerising to look at. This is normally £15 but in my happiiieeee sale this is now just £13, not bad huh!!

As with all my pieces they are all one of a kind deliciously unique so when you buy something from me you know you are getting something that only you will have and can treasure forever :-)

I am going to leave you with two more pics, the first one is the prize for my birthday giveaway.
I spent aaaages trying to choose what to send the lucky lady and in the end I settled on a necklace and bracelet for her and she now has them so I can share with you all what she now has.

Last but certainly not least is the bracelet I have made for myself for our wedding in 3 months. I totally love it and CANNOT wait to wear it as it is soo purdy :-)
I can make something like this again upon request, all you have to do is ask :-)

I am very pleased with the way it came out and if you can imagine it looks even nicer in the flesh!!

So on that snazzy note I am going to toodle off and make a cup of tea and leave you to what you were doing before I interrupted you.

Take care and speak soon ( Oh and don't forget to snap up my jewellery quick before someone else does)

Catherynne's Treats

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  1. I love the blue heart pendant. It reminds me of summer on the beach. Is Ewan in the film then? I will have to google .....