Friday, 21 June 2013

Hey lovelies

Hiya my lovelies :-)

Gosh has it really been 3 weeks since my last post??
Time is rapidly running away at the mo what with our wedding now only being two weeks away eeek but yay :-)
I am busy beavering away doing loads of different things for that as well as my normal day job and being a mum oh and going up to my dads for a lovely weekend and squishing in my hen night too!
Honestly the days are just flying away with themselves at the moment!

I have however still managed to squeeze in some time to make beautiful new pieces for you all.

Here are some of them now.

 First up is a beautiful double strand bracelet with some deliciously striped beads and a strand of contrasting teenie peanut beads.
I still have 4 more of the striped beads so I will have to see what I can come up with by using them.
This is £10 and is available now all you have to do is give me a nudge and it is yours!

This is a lovely green necklace using a fabulous square hollow bead that has some Czech beads dangling from it.
It is very sparkly when the sun hits it and is also only £10.
All my jewellery prices always include postage so the price you see is the price you pay!
This has been an utter pest to have a photo shoot with.
I have really struggled to get the lighting right so you can see the fabulous purples in it.
I have had it outside, inside, lights on, lights off and so far this is about the best I have been able to get, I will keep trying I am not totally out of ideas yet!!
It is quite a long ish necklace, finishing mid tummy ish and looks really fabulous on.
This is a true timeless piece that you can wear again and again and always get compliments on :-)
Oh whoops nearly forgot to say this is £15 as it also includes earrings, don't fancy the earrings it will just be £10!

Right I think I am going to push off now as my dog has just jumped on me for a cuddle so I shall go and give her a rub behind the lug before she knocks my laptop off my knee!!!!!!

Here she is our red collie dog Li Lou having a chill out on the sofa a while ago, not climbing on top of one of us wanting a cuddle. She thinks she is the size of a lap dog by the way and always wants to jump on you for a cuddle, not realising that actually she is bloomin huge and takes up half the sofa!!!

Right till next time, take care and speak sooooon

Catherynne's Treats

Sunday, 2 June 2013

New things

Helloooo :-)

How are you all today???

I have as usual been super busy doing a gabillion things all at light speed and not having time to breath and totally forgetting to write a blog again :-(

I will get back on track soon to writing one a week I promise!

I have however been super busy making loads of new things and some which have already been sold and are now in their new home being loved.

Let me show you some of my new pieces and then I will share my other news with you :-)

First up is a beautiful triple strand bracelet with some delicately patterned heart glass lampwork beads mixed up with some Czech black beads.
This is £10 and still needs a new home and someone to love it and wear it. It also has a matching necklace and earrings. 

This is the matching necklace to the triple strand bracelet just above. It has the same delicately patterned glass lampwork beads and has some beautiful links of black beads with a circle focal ring which is slightly offset which makes the necklace look very pretty.
This is also £10 and when bought with the matching bracelet you will receive a free matching pair of earrings.

Here is the second set I made that this time is a double strand bracelet with fabulous round beads and some glass lampwork beads. The matching necklace has a lovely white resin rose slightly offset with a glass focal bead.
This set looks amazing on and is already been loved and worn in their new home :-)

Now for my news :-)
I have been thinking quite a bit about my photos and making Catherynne's Treats a unique brand and not just another business.

So after lots of thinking and a quick poll of what treats you like that you can eat I have made some little polymer clay cakes.
I have made an eclair, a chocolate doughnut covered in sprinkles, lolly, cupcake and a chocolate cake that will feature in my photos taking literally the treats into my work :-)

I hope with these and also I am going to always use the same background to take the photos on you will always know that the photos are mine :-)

So on that note I will show you a couple, please let me know what you think as it is still in the really early stages of being developed!!

First up is a new necklace that I made the other night and is lovely and summery and is £10 which as always includes free postage and has the cupcake I made :-)
I like it but please let me know what you think good or bad!!!

 This is a filled memory wire bracelet filled to the brim with blue and white beads and is beautiful to wear and is just £10 and has an eclair next to it! What do you think????
This is the same triple strand bracelet as further up but has a delicious doughnut in the pic :-) 

Please let me know what you think of my idea and what you think of them in the photos. Honestly good or bad feedback will all be taken on board! :-)

So on that note I am going to leave you to your thoughts so you can share them with me and I will get back to making pretties :-)

 Take care and speak soon

Catherynne's Treats