Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weddings, weddings, weddings :-)

Hellooooo :-)

What a busy week I am having this week :O

So far this week I haven't made many treats things at all as it has been full steam ahead with more wedding preparations.
I have written out what feels like a gabillion wedding invitations, stamped a very cute stamp on the back of the envelope, made a very cute Mr and Mrs Mouse that look like both of us and have glasses and blue eyes :-)
Hmm what else have I done this week for it????
Do you know it has all mingled into a big blob and I feel like I have done so much I can hardly think properly!!

I was taking our dog out for a walk today as I have to budge about half a stone ish before the big day in July to make my dress fit properly as I have put on a smidge of weight since finding my dress 18 months ago. So anyway I was out with the dog and my iPod and our dog is such a pest when she knows where she is going she gets all exited and walks really fast so I decided ok pooch we will run down the road to get to the field where we go even quicker!
Not the best idea I ever had.

Now I have run on and off for a long time, getting into the swing of it and being able to run for a good few miles before I have to stop but I haven't been running at all this year so am out of practice. Plus today I had my coat on with doggy stuff  like a big ball in my pockets and the most important bit normal boots on NOT my running shoes! So I am running down the road thinking hmm this isn't too bad till my legs are aching soo much and my feet are sad as I am running in boots that like to be walked in :-(
I think next time the urge hits me I am going to resist it and then put the right clothes on to go running with plus the dear dog will not be there pulling me allover and sniffing every piece of grass going!

So I did get to make some hair bands this week as I found some hair bands I had wrapped with some ribbons ages ago to do something with and then looking through my sewing boxes getting the things for Mr and Mrs Mouse I found some very cute little ribbon roses and I had a light bulb moment of gluing them onto the hair bands I made a while ago so with out further ado I give you hair bands :-)

They are only £4.50 and that includes postage so why not grab yourself one, they are super dooper colours and just right for making yourself feel all pretty and happy :-)

Not bad huh for a light bulb moment :-)
My eldest daughter soon snapped two up but there are still 6 left that need a pretty head to be worn on :-)

Now here are the Mr and Mrs Mouse that I have made to go on our top table at the wedding reception, they are sooo cute, I really love them!

Oh I had best show you our Li Lou, she is such a cutie and she always wants a cuddle and really does give you the puppy dog eyes when she wants one. If she also thinks that if it has been too long since she last had a cuddle she will shove her head in your hand till you do stoke her.

Here she is doing what she does best chilling out on the sofa!

Right I am off as I have got a roast dinner cooking in the oven and it is smelling well lush, so I will catch you all soon.

Take care and speak soon
Catherynne's Treats

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