Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wedding preperations are full steam ahead!!

Cor what a week I have had!

My treat making has slowed down a bit this week as I have started on our wedding preparations big time.
So far this week I have made my bouquet, both my daughters smaller bouquets, 8 buttonholes for the men. Arranged 20 flowers ready to go in 10 vases on the tables, put decorated ribbons round 10 vases. Made 4 deliciously cute roses to go in my daughters hair and cut out 80 felt hearts ready to be made into a surprise present for our guests :-)
I told you I had been busy!!

Needless to say the housework has got a bit neglected the last few days so really I should be getting on with some of that but I guess there is always tomorrow for that!

But I am pleased I have made a bit of a dent in my to do list as it does seem a bit long at the moment.

I have however get started quite a bit on my new fabric rimmed flowers which are really stunning and perfect for the allergy sufferer, you can still have beautiful flowers but without the 'Achooo's'.
They can be made in a variety of different colours and look amazing. I have got loads of them all over the house brightening up the place and our little 2 year old loves to sniff them like real flowers bless her :-)

Here is a fabulously zingy green triple button flower and will not break the bank at only £2 each. All you have to do is send me a message with what you want and hey presto I will work my magic for you.

I have sneaked in a beautiful monochrome bracelet that is just £8 including postage.


I had entered a competition this week to make a pair of earrings, I didn't win but had fun choosing and making them. I do like them but am not fully happy with them so I will take them apart and see what else I can make with them. I do however love the photo as you can see just how much snow we had yesterday, quite a lot is the answer!!!!!

Right peeps that is me done for this week so far as I need to get my fed and watered girls into bed.

So take care and speak soon

Catherynne's Treats

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  1. As someone who suffers with 'achoos' I can vouch for the benefits of fabric flowers!