Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I'm back :-)

Hellooooooo my lovelies :-)

Have you missed me, go on admit it you have! Who else have you had to twitter on at you in your ear and no your mum doesn't count!!

Ok so I am going to fess up I know I haven't been here for aaages and on my FB page too!
Don't all form a line at once to slap my wrists please, you are supposed to be my friends :O

Anyway where have I been you may be wondering??
Well I have still been here making things but on a much smaller scale. I have also been changing a few things behind the scenes mainly my day job.
I was a childminder but it wasn't quite meeting our needs at home any more so I was off on the search for a new job. I did manage to find work for 6 weeks with an agency and boy was that an experience!! I am a qualified in childcare I have spent the last 16 years in the childcare field so I told the agency this and they then must have decided to place me in every setting away from that.

My first job that I was doing was waking night shift looking after an elderly gentleman. The gentleman was lovely but me and waking nights were NOT friends at all. My body was deeply unhappy with being awake when it knew damn fine well it should be sleeping!!

So that was something to never be done again, I then got placed in some other various odd places always miles away from where I live too but still not relevant to my experience and qualifications so back to the job search for me it was.
I applied for a children's residential support worker job and whoop whoop I got it. So after all the references and DBS checks (new name for CRB checks that the police do to make sure you are a suitable person to work with children) were done I was set to go.
I started last week and have my rota for a while which is good so I can figure out when I can be creative and make super cool things for you all to buy :-)

Yippieeeeee ! ! ! ! !

I haven't been totally idle in all this time I have still been making bits and bobs and also coming up with new ideas too :-)

First up is a new style of handbag. It is still the same kinda shape that I like to use but I have made my own flower and finished it off with a stunning antique button in the middle :-)
Each petal is cut out individually and sewn on on by one to make the beautiful flower that you see here.

I will be making some more of these soon but I need to order some more black cotton, it seems to almost all have vanished somehow!!

This is a brooch that I made for one of my very good beading friends.
I made a similar one as a hair clip with a crocodile clip on it so it could be easily shoved in my hair and nobody would know that I hadn't been to the salon to have my hair done!
Anyway she asked for a brooch back on which I could easily do for her and she promptly put it on one of her favourite cardigans when she did the school run and it is happily living there making her smile when she wears it :-)

At the moment I only have black, purple and dark red in to make these with so these will be made to order, I will be expanding the colours that I have in stock as soon as I can but you know money and stuff.
They are quite big and cover most of the palm of your hand when you put them in but ohhhh they are soo pretty :-)

I have been a little bit busy with some things for myself.
Well you know if you know how to do something being a test subject for things is part and parcel of the whole package. Well that's what I will keep telling myself when I have made yet another beautiful piece of jewellery.


This first picture is a simple short necklace featuring a very cute little bird from Blueberribeads and the uber cute little heart is from Wild Strawberry Seeds.
The little star is just so delicious I shall be back for more as soon as my bank balance is a bit happier with me.

This super sweet bracelet was made using a variety of suppliers.The bulk of the beads were from a supplier I have talked about before Smitten Beads. The amazing clasp is from a shop I have been exploring a bit lately and you know road testing some of the beads as I would hate for any of them to explode on you or anything.... 
The Curious Bead Shop and it was handcrafted by the lady that owns it too, how talented is she :-)
Next is the best bit, the sleeping bunny! Eeeek I am totally in love with her, she is soooo damn cute!!!
I have wanted some of Tree Wings Studio's work for soooo long so I treated myself to this bunny and one of her sleeping foxes. I am going to get a sleeping squirrel next that's for sure :-)


Lastly before I bore you to death is a necklace and bracelet I made at the weekend using some heart shaped beads.
I must tell you I am not a red kinda gal at all, like ever! I am a purple and black gal, but these beauts have won me over, I am totally and utterly head over heels in love with them and I can't wait till I can get some more of them :-)

So enough about my ramblings, I will be back soon I promise and it won't be as long next time.

Take care and speak soon


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