Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ho diddly hum.......

Hmmmmm so this week has passed fairly quick again.
It was the latter end of the Easter school holidays and it seemed like my eldest daughter was only here 5 mins then she was back at school :-(
Making has been slowed down somewhat with having her here as I was doing loads of cool mum stuff with her being here and our youngest daughter loved having her big sis here too :-)

I have also for some reason felt really pants, I feel really deflated and yacky so my creative head has not been on at all apart from making my new amazing storage for my jewellery see my last blog here.
The bead fairy has not been kind at all. I have tried to make some bits and bobs but have ended up putting it all back on the bead tray half made.

I did last week get this very pretty in pink bracelet made :-)

It hasn't sold yet so come and grab it quick while you can.
It is a beautiful heart shaped handmade lampwork glass beads wire wrapped onto some oval links with a hand dip dyed silk ribbon finished off with a delicious rose toggle clasp :-)

I also made a triple strand black and white bracelet but it has sold already, I am not surprised it is a true beauty of a bracelet.

It has my favourite black ceramic beads and has a black strand of chain and a strand of black and white teenie weenie peanut shaped beads that love to ping everywhere but where they should go the pesky little things!!

So on the note that I only have two things to show you here are some other pictures that I can share with you :-)

A cute puppy in a cup because I can :-)
I feel quite like the flat dog on the floor at the moment, not even enough energy to stand up while eating...

Last one because I think you are all ace :-)

So I hope the bead fairies start being nice to me and let my creativity flow soon and I feel back to normal!
Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Take care and speak soon :-)

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  1. I think the creative fairy has left me too! The sun has come out and I have lost all my energy! Bracelets look very pretty! xx

  2. I thibk it is pants when the bead fairy pops off to somewhere else.
    She has come back for now but she is unimpressed that she has to keep sitting on the side when I am doing wedding things!!
    I hope your bead fairy comes back soon, I neeed beautiful beads to look at xxxxxxx