Sunday, 24 February 2013

Feeling a bit better and mice

Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are at the time of reading this :-)

How's you been this week?????
I am starting to feel a bit better which is good although my sleeping pattern is still a bit out of kink so tiredness is hampering me fully feeling better boo hoo!

It has been half term this week so I have been working a lot and had my eldest daughter home this week which is lovely. I love being able to squish her cute cheeks whenever I fancy it even though most times she normally moans at me 'Muuuum get off me'! It won't ever stop me from doing it though I love her too much to not want to squish her and make her eek out loud, plus being a mum means that it is my job to squish her when she is least expecting it :-)

I have however sneaked in a bit of time to make some new things, well quite a few as I have made a folder on my Facebook page Catherynne's Treats just for Earrings and there is quite a variety of different ones in there. One of my favs being these green peacock style ones.

The bead is just stunning and I have got two pairs ready to have a new owner!
So go on who wants them???

I have also made two new bracelets (well I made them last week but forgot to share the pics wth you all sorry, I blame my sieve like brain).

The first one has a fantastic painted ceramic focal bead with some beautiful turquoise beads flecked with brown finished off with a fantastic dropped heart toggle clasp. This one is available over in my Etsy shop as I am slowly filling it up.
If any of you lovelies do like any of my things send me a message and I can sort out how to pay so you can either buy it from my Etsy shop or through Facebook but either way it will be easy and very quick :-)
Here is my Etsy shop Catherynne's Treats if you fancy popping over and having a peep.

This is the second bracelet I have just listed, it is a very pretty but unusual bracelet with a funky oval focal bead with spots all over it. To either side it has beautiful big flower glass beads and to either side of that there are crackle beads and smaller czech beads that taper off to the lovely dropped heart clasp that I love to use.

See what I mean about being unusual but very pretty and would look fantastic on any wrist :-)

Right I am going to pop off now but before I do I am going to leave you with one last photo of a new line for Catherynne's Treats, little polymer clay mice!
They are so cute, I have made three so far and this is the first one ready for a new home so if you feel like you have somewhere lovely that he can sit and watch the world go by let me know and I can soon have him in the post for you :-)

Take care and speak soon

Catherynne's Treats

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