Sunday, 10 March 2013

Filling up my Etsy shop and amazing friends

Hey lovelies :-)

I totally forgot to write my blog last week eeek!!
Where did the week go???

Anyhoooo I am back on track now and raring to go.  I have got lots of fabby news to share with you this week.

Quite a while ago I joined a group on Facebook called Bead Smitten and it is a collection of fantastic customers from an amazing website called Smitten Beads it has THE most amazing beads on and I totally love looking through all the different sections thinking what I could make with everything :-)
It is a place to showcase the work we make with the products from the site. My jewellery making skills have grown so much since being accepted into the group and I am now making things I would never have dreamed that I would make a year ago when I first started putting together Pandora style bracelets for my page!!!

I have also made a lot of amazing new friends that all make truly amazing jewellery that is all so very very different to one another!
I also love that I have met other people that love beads as much as I do and understand about having 'those beads in your stash that are just sooo pretty you can't do anything but look at them lovingly till you can decide what to do with them' I am not alone in this whoo hoo!!

We are all together in a group blog if you want to go and check us all out Smitten Bead and Jewellery There are some very very talented ladies over there!

It is also forcing me to fill up my Etsy Catherynne's Treats shop as everyone else has so many things in there but I always seem to forget to put things in it whenever I make new things! Oops, (note to self must remember to put things in Etsy when I make funky new things)!!!

Anyway enough of me nattering for a bit now and I will show you some of my new makes :-)

This is a delicious knotted wooden beaded bracelet that uses fabulous new beads and is finished off with a very old leather look button as a clasp, it is available here in my Etsy Shop and is just £8 including postage, a true bargain <3
A style I would never have had a go at if it not for the lovely smitteners :-)

This is a lovely antique gold plate owl necklace that is also over in my Etsy Shop ( did you see what I did there, 2 Etsy links go me ) and this is a true bargain too :-)

Oooo I almost forgot to tell you that this week, well actually I think it was last week ( I told you the weeks are just mingling into one lately as it is now March too very big eeek ) I got my Odd Sox in the post.
She is just the most amazing grump ever and we have named her Miss Purple Grumpilicious Scrumplebottom, or just Miss Purple for short!
Is she just THE most amazing thing ever, I totally love her and she is all mine, my girls are NOT allowed to play with her. She lives on my side of the bed on my bedside cabinet with her babbit on her knee, her babbit by the way does not have a name, she didn't want one so she is just called 'Miss Purple's Babbit'.

If you keep an eye on my Facebook Page you will be able to keep up with her adventures of the treats household :-)

Right lastly before I sign off and go and feel very very sorry for myself as I have been infected by a lurgy this weekend and have been sneezing my head off almost every 5 seconds and going through almost a life time supply of loo roll, I have had a go at a whole new craft this week.
I have been making some fabric wire rimmed flowers which I totally love and a whole new load of wire popped through my door on Saturday morning so as soon as I feel back to normal I will be flooding my page with fabulous flowers that do not die and always look stunning unless of course your cat is sick on them or something crazy :-/


Are they not just fabulous! These were just some sizes and colours to faff about with with my first pack of wire but I will soon have all the sizes and fabrics just right so flowers will be coming right at you very soon yay :-)

Right so enough of the yacking now Catherynne and more of the feeling sorry for yourself on the sofa under a blanket!!

Take care and speak soon


Catherynne's Treats

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