Sunday, 17 February 2013

Steam punk and being ill

Hey lovely peeps :-)

I need to say a big sorry for not posting last week but I have not been very well and I needed to have a bit of a break and recharge my batteries a bit! But I am back and feeling much better and have loads of new ideas so if someone can invent a longer day so I can sit and make things I will be a super dooper happy lady :-)

I have got my two girls watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse curled up on the sofa and hubby to be is writing his computer game blog Karlos! Morale! Have a read it always makes me laugh!!

So I have got about half an hour to myself before I am needed for various mum stuff.

I am going to start with my biggest news, it may not seem like a lot or even a big thing but I have had a custom made stamp made to put on envelopes for when I post out my Treats to my fantastic customers! I have wanted to get one made for ages but it has been on the list of ever growing things for a while so I typed in stamps in Ebay and whahooo here it is.
I totally love it and it helps give my customers that extra special handmade feel that I want for my business.
I have used it a few times now too so if you have had it on your packages do let me know what you think??

Right next on the list is steam punk.
Who likes the whole steam punk look??? I totally love it and have been slowly getting some bits and bobs to make some truly awesome pieces. I love the colour, the shapes and just the whole thing really and I find myself really inspired when I have these pieces out in front of me. I am a very symmetrical person but when I have these out I don't know what it is but I have to make things wonkey!
This is one I made last night and has a beautiful rose clasp on the right and some filgree balls to the left with some czech glass beads on both sides finished off with a very very steam punk cog heart pendant finishing it off.
See what I mean about making it wonkey, I have never put a clasp on the side of a necklace yet on this it looks perfect and very at home where it is :-)
Wheee for fantastic jewellery!!

 This is the second necklace that I made yesterday, again can you see what I mean about making them wonkey. The amazing glass beads begged me to make the sides differently!
This again is a long necklace and has teeny tiny seed beads at the top and bottom of the glass beads, and at the bottom of the butterfly I have added the most amazing teeny tiny set of keys I recently found are these not THE most cutest things you have ever ever seen!!!!!
Both of these necklaces will be available over on my page Catherynne's Treats

So let me know what you think of my interpretation of steam punk below in the comments box and don't forget to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss out on any in the future and I promise I won't leave it as long next time till the next blog!

Take care and see you soon
Catherynne's Treats


  1. I think they are lovely! I really like the steampunk look but haven't had a go making anything yet because I don't think I could control myself and would end up taking all the clocks and anything mechanical apart so I could use all the pieces in my jewellery. Once I start there is no stopping me! xx

  2. I love the coolness of steam-punk. I need to make some for me next I think :-) xxxx