Sunday, 27 January 2013

Catherynne's Treats

Well it is that time again on a Sunday where I let you know all that I have been up to and have a good natter with you all!

Last week I told you that I had decided to start to take a part some of my older jewellery to freshen it up and make something much snazzier. Well I have really enjoyed the ones I had done so decide that I needed just a few more beads and supplies to help me along my way wheee!!
I love buying new stock, but also love the whole shopping process of choosing beads and what not and deciding oooo that will go with that beautifully, ohh and that with this oooo yay :-)
I get all little kid ish at Christmas so this week my postman has been very very busy bringing me little packages from here there and everywhere.

I have been quite busy with my day job so haven't really had much chance to have a good making session till today!
Today I have made a very stunning long necklace with green and silver coloured beads.
I would love to show you a photo but unfortunately the blog seems to be experiencing technical problems boo hoo!
I do however have my Etsy link for you to have a look at here!

Oh so I guess if that is not working I cannot show you the set I have made for myself too here!
 I guess you will have to click on the links then to see what they are! 

Right I guess till next week that's it folks, I am signing off and am going to make some more pretty things and fingers crossed next week I will have a new handbag to show you as it's been aaaages since I made a handbag and I have a great idea for one!

Take care and see you soon

Catherynne's Treats

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