Thursday, 10 January 2013


Here we are at the start of my blog.  I thought I would have a bash at it and see what happens.

I am going to write about all sorts of different things mainly because I never sit still long enough to stay focused on the same thing too long (unless it is watching Hercules, man I am hooked on that show).  I will write about my Treats business Catherynne's Treats, my family, my daft dog and anything else that has happened to me that I fancy sharing with you.  I will probably moan about my wrist a bit as it is really getting in the way of making lovely things for myself and others (I broke it at the end of November would you believe roller skating with my eldest daughter and it feels like it is taking forever to mend)!
Yes I know you can roll your eyes as much as you want and tell me I should have known better but we were having fun :-)

I had best introduce myself properly first, I am Miss Catherynne Elizabeth Kessell, I am 34, I live in Staffordshire with my lovely hubby to be (6 months to be precise whoo), our two lovely daughters my eldest being 7 and my youngest being 2, our Collie dog that is off her rocker and LOVES being fussed over and the very quiet but not to be ignored gold fish.

I am a self employed childminder, in my spare time which is what I am going to be writing about I make things, always pretty things but a variety of things.  I love making jewellery of all kinds.  Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and hand bag charms.  I also love to make handbags.  What lady doesn't like a nice handbag huh ???

I decided to write this as something else to do to try and promote my business Catherynne's treats but also something else fun to do. 

I will post pictures on here for you to see of the things I make and if you like them let me know, or even if you don't like them let me know how you think I can make it better.
Here are a few examples of some of my recent work, let me know what you think ???

This is a fantastic set comprising of a necklace combining ribbon, beads and chain, two sets of earrings and a lovely to wear bracelet
This is a really easy to wear memory wire bracelet that goes with almost any outfit

These are a multi strand necklace and bracelet set with deliciously purple beads that did not show up in this photo for some reason???



  1. Hello, I love your jewellery photographed on the print. It looks really effective! I am your new blog follower....

    Sarah xx

  2. Helloooo :-)

    Glad you can come along for the ride!

    It is actually a really old copy of The Times newspaper from 1945 if you would believe. I love the tiny writing in the pictures against my jewellery :-)

    Catherynne xxx