Sunday, 20 January 2013

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Catherynne's Treats 

This week it has all been about time in our house. 
Hubby to be started his new job this week and he is at work a very long time so in turn I am getting lots of time too. Time to sit and relax on an evening, time to do my exercise DVD (this baby weight needs shifting for the summer to fit into THE most delicious wedding dress) time to think about things and do things that never seem to get done. 
So with all this time in mind I am writing lists, lots of lists of things that need doing that I just don't seem to get done as I get to the end of the day most days and think what did I actually get done today!! Is anyone else like that, you get to the end of the day and think where did today go what did I achieve??

So with that in mind I have started a job I have wanted to do for a while re vamp some of my jewellery pieces I have either not worn for a while or ones that I am just not quite happy with.

So first off I bought just before Christmas 7 fantastic handmade lampwork glass beads from a lovely lady in America from her Etsy shop called Moonflowerbeads. There was a beautiful focal flower bead and some soft graduated pink to purple beads too. I made them into a necklace with some very pretty matching earrings but wasn't fully happy with it as I wanted to make them into a bracelet but hadn't quite figured out which beads I wanted to go with it. I liked it but didn't love it and only wore it once. So this was first on the list so out came my pliers and it was cut up into pieces. 

So now the beads were now looking up at me on our dining table saying 'now what Catherynne'?
I stared at them for a while and the beads kept saying 'bracelet Catherynne, we want to be a bracelet' so I listened to them and strung them onto some new Waxed Irish Linen I had recently bought. I changed the small white beads I had originally put on as they were some very pretty miracle beads but they needed to be slightly bigger beads to fill out a bracelet so I changed them to some bigger but still white glass beads as I liked the softness of the lampwork beads with the white and there we have it done and very pretty bracelet that I am very happy with. So happy in fact that I made it on Saturday and am still wearing it now, now how is that for advertising your product!!

Here it is the finished product a very one of a kind beautiful bracelet. Much better than the necklace and a bonus too as I got to use an orphan bead I had in my bead stash for ages thus finishing off the end of the bracelet beautifully.

I have also used some of this time to make some things not just for me, I have also made a deliciously pretty bracelet for my Catherynne's Treats page over on Facebook that needs a new owner!
This is a memory wire bracelet which means it can be stretched out and will always bounce back to its original shape once wound round your wrist. I have filled it with a mix of fantastic lampwork beads, frosted glass beads, crackle beads, long tube spacers and finished off either end with a very pretty flower charm. This is available in my Etsy shop.

Take care and speak soon Catherynne

Catherynne's Treats



  1. Glad it's not just me that beads talk to! And the new bracelet is beautiful, we'll done xxx gemstone nights xxx

  2. Hi Gemstone nights :-)

    I think most beads tell you what they want to be, they were telling me they wanted to be a bracelet to start with but I didn't quite have the right beads at the time but they are happy now! xxx