Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I am still here I promise!!

Hey lovelies :-)

I am sorry I haven't been keeping up on my regular blog posts again have I!

My day job has been burning me out really bad lately and I have been feeling really run down so any energy I have had has been sucked up by my girls, hubby and pooch which hasn't left me with much get up and go to keep up with my Treats business.

I am just one woman that likes to be creative in my spare time. I do like to make all sorts not just jewellery hence the name Catherynne's Treats as all the things I make are pretty treats for you :-)
The time I get to make my treats is on an evening when my daughters are in bed in the land of the nod and if I have just done an 11 hour day being creative tends to be the last thing on my mind.

I am not one of these people that can sit and watch endless soaps and reality tv shows on the telly and neither is hubby treats so we are both usually doing something interesting. He loves computer games, he will play on all kinds of consoles and has his own website with computer game 'stuff' on it.
Go and check him out if you are interested in anything computer gameish Karlosmorale.

So on an evening in our house we have some music of some sort playing while I am normally making things and hubby is doing computer game stuff. Although lately I have just been a crumpled tired lady almost asleep on the sofa before 9PM!
I have however managed to get through almost half of a book a borrowed from my dad about a year ago, whoops sorry dad you will get it back soon!

So I don't have any new pics for you or even a great excuse for being so absent other than just mega run down. I am hoping to try and get back on my feet properly soon it just seems to be taking quite a while to get back into a good routine of work and me time but also time to be creative and make beautiful things for you all :-)

I do however have a fabulous treat for you though. If you like beautiful things and I know you all do I have got an online Christmas Catalogue for you to look through :-)
I am very lucky to to say I am in a fabulous group on Facebook called Bead Smitten. I have told you about them before. It is a fabulous group of the most amazingly talented customers from an utterly beautiful website called Smitten Beads

We all have different talents and make a variety of different pieces of jewellery and components for making jewellery and every one of them are utterly dribbleworth and are just the most fabulous things you will ever see.
So go and check out the catalogue here!!
Be prepared to be totally amazed by every single page :-)

Right I am off to put the kettle on, I have had another long day at work and I took our daft dog on a lovely three mile walk today before work so am a bit pooped!

Here is said pooch today on our walk, it is lovely and there is hardly anyone else up there too so I can bop along to my iPod without feeling too silly if someone will see me :-)

Take care and speak soon, I really will try to keep on top of my blog this time I promise!

Catherynne xxx

Catherynne's Treats

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