Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Giveaway time whoop whoop!

Hello lovelies :-)

I said it wouldn't be long till my next blog, I have kept my word :-)

Just the other day I reached a fabulous milestone of 900 amazing people that have hit that like button on my Facebook page Catherynne's Treats and I said when we got there I would be doing a giveaway :-)

So without further adoooo here is a picture of some goodies that I am going to make into something fabulous for the giveaway :-)

Photo: Right this little lot shall be magicked into something fabulous for the giveaway prize :-)
I shall be hosting the giveaway on my blog as to not break any rules here on fb :-)
Beware though I'm going to make you work for your prize :O
I have got in there some amazing gold, brown and soft buttery coloured lampwork beads. There are some fabulous jasper coloured beads some cream wooden beads and one of Bead Me Up Buttercup's uber cute polymer clay bird hiding in there too :-)

Now this is a giveaway but I am going to make you work for it though!
Mwahhh haaa haaa haaaaa!!

I have yet to make the giveaway piece, or pieces I haven't decided yet, I will have to see what comes to mind when I sit down with them all!

So anyway it will be something beautiful I promise.

I do hear you say 'what do I have to do to win this yet to be made jewellery'?????

Well my lovelies, I would like you to give me a reason why you would like to win some of my jewellery :-)
It can be a wild wacky response, it could be a super long sob story, it could be just coz I wanna win!
It could be a zany story about how your life would be enhanced by having some of my jewellery in your life but and yes I hear you groan. I want the reason to be inventive, like super inventive and the one that is the most fun to read is the winner :-)

So there you go to win the jewellery you have to give me the best and most amazing reason of why you want to win :-)
Oh and follow my blog too! That bit is dead easy all you have to do is hit the 'follow' button on the side of the blog :-)

So get to it, get your thinking hats on and comment at the bottom of the blog down at the bottom of the page :-)
Simple, now go, go, go..................................................

Take care and speak soon

Catherynne's Treats


  1. Dearest Catherynne,
    I really really REALLY need to win your fabulous make from this lot of lovlies.
    Why? I will tell you.
    Once upon a time there was this FB group for Smitten beads. I clicked on it and joined, and my world was suddenly full of color and bead happiness. But there was still something missing.
    So I friended a bunch of the ladies in the group. Again, there was much joy and happiness and beaded bliss. But there was still something missing.
    Then, I started following their blogs, and bought some Smitten bits and bobs. Made some items and posted them for the ladies to see. But still there was something missing.
    Finally, I realized what it was. This poor little American girl figured it out!!!
    That is all it will take to make me happy.... and a cup of coffee... and some chocolate... and a flower... and a rainbow.... and shiny pretty beads.... and for Catherynne to smile at this fun post.
    Pick me :)

  2. Dear Catherynne, I would love to have some beautiful jewellery made from those gorgeous beads! They would so very accompliment my Steampunk outfit, especially my self made overcoat and skirt! And when I'm driving my Omnichronator (a contraption that can travel through multidimensions and time itself), they will glitter it whatever Sun I'll come across. The bird as my second travel companion! I already have a bird as travel companion, so two would be awesome! They can twitter amongst themselves while I'm busy stearing my device. And imagine how the beads will glisten in the light of multiple suns on a planet I will visit! Imagine the adventures the bird and beads will encounter with me! You do want them to, I can tell! Please, let them <3 :)

  3. Yo.

    I just like entering competitions.

  4. Hello,

    I would very much like to win your funky jewellery as I've just started wearing a lot more jewellery, after falling in love with a ring i saw in a vintage shop and am now looking for some matching jewllery! I feel like this would go perfectly with a lot of my outfits, and would be great to encourage me to wear more jewllery!
    Your jewellery is beautiful and I'd very much like to try some and wear it with pride.

    Yours very very graciously,

    Miss C. Clark ;)