Friday, 21 June 2013

Hey lovelies

Hiya my lovelies :-)

Gosh has it really been 3 weeks since my last post??
Time is rapidly running away at the mo what with our wedding now only being two weeks away eeek but yay :-)
I am busy beavering away doing loads of different things for that as well as my normal day job and being a mum oh and going up to my dads for a lovely weekend and squishing in my hen night too!
Honestly the days are just flying away with themselves at the moment!

I have however still managed to squeeze in some time to make beautiful new pieces for you all.

Here are some of them now.

 First up is a beautiful double strand bracelet with some deliciously striped beads and a strand of contrasting teenie peanut beads.
I still have 4 more of the striped beads so I will have to see what I can come up with by using them.
This is £10 and is available now all you have to do is give me a nudge and it is yours!

This is a lovely green necklace using a fabulous square hollow bead that has some Czech beads dangling from it.
It is very sparkly when the sun hits it and is also only £10.
All my jewellery prices always include postage so the price you see is the price you pay!
This has been an utter pest to have a photo shoot with.
I have really struggled to get the lighting right so you can see the fabulous purples in it.
I have had it outside, inside, lights on, lights off and so far this is about the best I have been able to get, I will keep trying I am not totally out of ideas yet!!
It is quite a long ish necklace, finishing mid tummy ish and looks really fabulous on.
This is a true timeless piece that you can wear again and again and always get compliments on :-)
Oh whoops nearly forgot to say this is £15 as it also includes earrings, don't fancy the earrings it will just be £10!

Right I think I am going to push off now as my dog has just jumped on me for a cuddle so I shall go and give her a rub behind the lug before she knocks my laptop off my knee!!!!!!

Here she is our red collie dog Li Lou having a chill out on the sofa a while ago, not climbing on top of one of us wanting a cuddle. She thinks she is the size of a lap dog by the way and always wants to jump on you for a cuddle, not realising that actually she is bloomin huge and takes up half the sofa!!!

Right till next time, take care and speak sooooon

Catherynne's Treats

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