Sunday, 19 May 2013

Blue's and pink's and polymer clay scenes!

Helloooo, hellooooo :-)

How are you all this week??? What have you all been up to?

I have been mainly mixing it up between work, wedding preparations (again I know but it is only 7 weeks away now) oh and making some pretty jewellery yay :-)

I am going to start with a two bracelets I made yesterday.
They are on a wire called memory wire which is coils of wire that can be bent and moved to be wrapped round your wrist and it will always spring back to it's original shape. It is nice and easy if you don't like fiddling around with clasps and also they can easily wrap over jumpers if you have quite long sleeves but still want to wear some jewellery and look beautiful.

Photo: This is a beautifully filled to the brim blue memory wire bracelet. 
It has a lovely selection of blue beads that compliment each other fantastically :-)
It is £10 and that includes postage :-) 

Photo: Here we go a bracelet filled with beautiful blues :-)
There are tons of different blue and white beads loaded into this memory wire bracelet. It has delicious glass speckled beads, teenie hearts, frosted beads, clear beads among others and is finished off at either end with a beautiful clear trumpet flower :-)
This is £8 including postage <3 

They are a lovely mix of beautiful blue beads in all different shades too!
The top bracelet has been sold but the bottom one hasn't yet and is only £8 and that includes postage.
If you feel like treating yourself just drop me a message and it can soon be winging it's way over to you!

The next things I have got for you is a pretty in pink bracelet and necklace set, they can be bought separately or together and are £10 each and again that includes postage fees too, so what more of a reason do you need to treat yourself??

Photo: This is a very pink Lampwork glass beaded bracelet with a large focal heart :-)
This is £10 including postage ~<3~
There is a matching necklace, if you want to buy the set just let me know xx
Photo: This is a very pink Lampwork necklace with a delicious large focal heart pendant :-)
This is £12 and also has a matching bracelet, if you want to buy the set just give me a nudge :-) xx 

Next up is a collaboration between a fantastic business called Izzybeads and myself.
When I went to the Flame Off a while ago I came across a stall with the most amazing glass art beads and treated myself to a beautiful teenie tiny bee and ladybird. They were soo teenie I put them in my purse as I didn't want them getting lost anywhere on the way home. They are literally the size of your little finger nail! :O
They have been sat ever so patiently on a shelf in my bedroom until today.
I finally got out my polymer clay to make them a flower to sit on as they have been begging me for something better than just a shelf.

PhotoThe main reason for making these their flower was that I bought a few more animals and decided that while I was making one place for them I might as well make another one. So I bought an ever so cute mouse and a mummy and baby pig. This is what I have done for them.

The pigs needed a pig pen and trough and the mouse was just asking for some cheese to nibble on :-)
While I had out the polymer clay I decided to make a monster scene for two monsters I have too.

PhotoThese monsters LOVE colour and the green one likes to think he is the boss which is why he is up on the wall. However the blue monster is in a world of his own as he is staring into the pond of the future, he can spend all day looking into it!

They are all very happy on the shelf now they have somewhere proper to call their home!
Plus they now have loads more friends too which is always good :-)


Photo: Here they all in their glory my fabulous animal shelf in our bedroom :-)
Just ever so slightly out of reach of tiny fingers too hee hee hee :-)

I guess that is it for now, I will let you get back to what you were doing before I interrupted you with my ramblings :-)

Take care and speak soon

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  1. hehehehe...those are fantastic :) I love the piggies and the trough, brilliant, I am grinning like a loon :)

  2. I am glad you like them :-)
    They are not perfect by all means but I had fun making them and the animals are really happy now :-)
    Next on my list is to make a dog to go with the bone you sent me xxx